Press Release: The Entropy of Rocketman by Rita Anderson

Press Release: The Entropy of Rocketman by Rita Anderson

Another one of our Featured Poets is releasing a book today!

Finishing Line Press proudly announces the publication of The Entropy of Rocketman by Rita Anderson. The Entropy of Rocketmanaligns the seasons of the heart with the four elements to take us on a tour de force through profound moments of joy, grief, and into the “in-between-ness of things”Rocketman where humanity is reflected in stars that disappear.

Cynthia Hogue, Director, Creative Writing Program at ASU, says, “A classic lyric terrain of desire and loss creates the ground for the taut, smart poems in Rita Anderson’s The Entropy of Rocketman. . . These poems shimmer with clarity, the deep and hardwon emotional wisdom that limns this brilliant collection.”

John Gery, Founding Director of the Ezra Pound Society in Italy, says, “With Rita Anderson, the act of meditation can be as alluring as an image out of Vermeer yet as fraught with danger as a city submerged by flood. Yet in a manner prescribed by the likes of Octavio Paz or Chaim Potok (to whom she addresses one poem), she confesses, “I have always wanted in/ and out.”

Donna Hoffman, Director of W.I.T., writes, “I couldn’t put down Rita Anderson’s, The Entropy of Rocketman. My, oh my, her vision is deep, rich, and beautiful. I’m moved to quietude. The words have humbled me. There is greatness in them.”

Rita Anderson, an award-winning playwright and poet, earned a MFA Poetry and a MA Playwriting. She went on scholarship to The O’Neill (CF 2012) and won KenRita Andersonnedy Center’s Ken Ludwig Playwriting Award for “best body of work.” Early Liberty, internationally published at, is on their “Best Selling Plays” list. The 27 Club, Simone at Home, and The Art of Martyrdom are found at

Rita was Poetry Editor of Ellipsis, and she won the Houston Poetry Festival, the Gerreighty Prize, the Robert F. Gibbons Poetry Award, the Cheyney Award, and an award from the Academy of American Poets. Her poems have been published in Spoon River Poetry Review, EVENT Magazine, The Longleaf Pine, DLC Literary Journal, Cahoodaloodaling, The Blueshift Journal, Blotterature, Words Work, Transcendence, PHIction, Persona, The Artful Mind, Di-Verse-City: An Austin Poetry Anthology, Inflight Magazine, The Stardust Gazette, Metaphor, and Explorations. Contact Rita at

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