Featured Poet: Dan Brady

Featured Poet: Dan Brady

Today’s Featured Poet hosts an open mic at Sacred Grounds in San Francisco. We hope he’ll return for an Interview With an Emcee.image[1]

I love writing; it’s great fun, good for the heart, mind and health.  I’m fascinated by how words fit together, chime, rhyme and flow from one to the next.  I write because I cannot be silent; how could one be in this world?  I’ve a theory: the right set of words, presented in the right setting is one of the ways civilization evolves.  I ever improve my craft and seek such words so, should the opportunity come, I’ll write that which transforms my life and the lives of others.

Poetry explores of the formless as it becomes form; is the art of channeling creation, making sense of what is beyond sense and a calling as eternal as any answer.

When inspiration comes, essentially, I take dictation; poems may take minutes or years “to settle into its shape.” Some video clips: http://www.creativeideasforyou.com/writingmain.html.

Honored by small press publication and in contests, I’m in the Poet’s Eleven Series and S.F. Peace and Hope’s anthology.  I’ve ties with the Bay Area Poet’s Coalition and the Haiku Poets of Northern California. I’ve led workshops and feature – I’ll be at Modern Times Books, October 9th.  I host the Wednesday series at Sacred Grounds, the longest running poetry open with ”Good food and fine poetry since 1972.” (streaming: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sacred-Grounds-cafe.)  I’ve three books “Orphan City”  “(i)n((s(i)gh)t) to;(r(io)t)” and “Haiku: Infolded Meaning” available at: https://www.amazon.com/author/dan-brady.

I support the poetry community by hosting Sacred and with this my calendar: http://www.creativeideasforyou.com/OPG_Cal_List.pdf


Wanna be Featured?

In the rain

Everything is touched

Whether it will or not,

Likes or dislikes.


Its clarity

Reflects everything –

Bends all the light

Through its dropped lens


Catches the sun

In points

Which depend from branch or stem


It runs along

On everything

And cleans


Glistens and

Wrinkled … in streams

It gleams


Colored transparent

It has no viewpoint

Or every viewpoint

It has no location

Or every location


In the rain

We are all wet

No blessings are withheld

None are excepted from its care

Anyone can enjoy its freedom

To give

Everything to everyone

Endlessly providing

         The wonder and grace of love

water strider                                              

                   Water strider

                         a kick

                             ripples      the moon





In the cleft of clover

    Single dew drop gleams

          All the sun’s circle inside




                             summer pine     frantic                                                                                       ants struggle     amber

                                                          slowly takes its toll





Twenty-nine, thirteen                                                            

Fifty-seven, seventy eight




          Well, a cigarette                                       

          smashed out          in the guacamole                            

          the morning after






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