ASHOK BHARGAVA is a Vancouver based poet. His poetry is about simple sensibilities and possibilities of dreams and imagination without boundaries. His poetry reveals the individuality of people and cultures by giving shape and form to feelings, emotions and sentiments. Ashok has published several books of poetry: Mirror of Dreams, A Kernel of Truth, Skipping Stones and Lost in the Morning Calm among others.

He holds a Masters degree in Economics. He is recipient of many awards. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines and anthologies. He has been a featured poet on CBC, CFMQ 105 radio and Channel M television. He was also featured at the Word on the Street, the Asian Heritage Month and International Story Tellers Festivals.
He is World Poetry’s Ambassador Poet to Japan, India and Nepal. He is also a recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award. To him poetry is a language of the spirit that inspires one to write. He is an avid volunteer, supporter & organizer of various social and artistic activities. He believes that volunteering enriches us spiritually. He finds living between cultures and languages very intriguing and stimulating. He can be reached by email at bhargava2000@yahoo.com

He is founder of Writers International Network Society (WINS) to discover, nourish, recognize and celebrate writers, poets and artists and to assist them to network with the community at large.

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Dance and live – Ashok Bhargava

Just imagine
I am a word
that wanders in the light
sowing seeds of joy
in the hearts

Just imagine
a new flower I am
a beauty in full bloom
celebrate me
for sorrows mean nothing to me

Look at me
for I am new and original
like the fresh snow
a miracle from heaven
unique and silent

Like a bird
I am free in spirit
soaring high without bound
a dancing legend reminding everybody
to dance and to live

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