About Featured Poet


Featuredtypewriter Poet is a free platform for poets, who notoriously have a hard time getting the coverage and recognition they deserve.

If you would like to be a “Featured Poet,”Please submit your information to editors@featuredpoet.com, guidelines here. We’ll be featuring one poet a day for at least the first months, then it will be once a week thereafter (depending on submission volume, we may continue to post one a day). You can use your space anyway you want. You can talk about past achievements, current venues, future goals or all three.

You can promote your books, classes, or workshops. Just send any pictures, videos, links, flyers, or ads you want to include with your bio (roughly 400-500 words but I won’t take the mic away if you’re on a roll or your list of achievements can’t squeeze into such a limited space). Please also include one poem you would like to have posted (previously published if fine).

Try to make your biographical statement fun to read, it will be posted the way you send it except for a few tweaks here and there. It’s great to talk about your successes but try to squeeze in what inspires you, projects that you’re passionate about, advice for new writers, and what makes you unique. We want your voice to come through above all else.

If selected, you will appear on our website and social media networks. Should you also happen to live on the Gulf Coast,  The Panhandle Focus will be reblogging local “Featured Poets” as well (although this is not required and will make no difference in the selection process).

Once you have been featured, you are welcome to send press releases, ads, events, and flyers as often as you like for the “Featured Poet Updates” section and calendar.
Please let us know if you would like to participate and send any information and media you would like included.

Talk to You Soon!

Katie Kahn